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How to Boost Ecommerce Conversions with Email Marketing?

According to Statista, there are 3.9 Billion email users by 2019, and for sure, they will be growing to more in the coming years. When several other businesses are already using email marketing as one of the powerful tools, you need to try using some different ideas that can make you stand out.

Some of those email marketing tactics that can boost CTR to improve conversion rates are:

  • Create catchy subject lines: You may have an amazing story to share with your customers or have a discount coupon for them inside. But, it won’t make any sense unless they open it. That’s something that makes you picky about your subject lines. Don’t elongate; rather, make it worth opening. It should be itchy to make one check and explore more.
  • Email formatting: Have you noticed how an unorganized room looks like? Yes, it’s a mess, and that’s how unformatted email resembles. It doesn’t sound appealing enough & the receiver on the other side of the screen won’t take a minute to close it. You need to check the compatibility of third-party platforms to accessibility features & how they can adjust your emails in a responsive manner across all devices.
  • Add a personal touch: We all know that you are doing it for marketing; still, you can’t stick just to the idea of selling. Be compassionate with your audience, and share your message like you are talking to them. The manner in which you will communicate with your audience makes a lot of sense to your conversion rate. The personal touch is not only about calling your audience by their name, but it’s about sharing and talking about what they actually want to know and read. Dive deeper into your Analytics reports to understand and personalize your campaigns in a lot better way.
  • Importance of timing: Marketing is exactly about the right timing and right place; if you miss it, you will miss your chance. Introspect your pattern of using smart devices and technology. Most people get free by 8 or 9 at night when they are relaxing. That’s the time they explore their devices. You can schedule your campaign according to these time measurements and get more chances to boost CTR.
  • A/B testing: You can flip the images, change/update the content, colors, or even an entire approach, and create distinct email marketing campaigns to know which one is performing better. You need to start them at the same time and for the same user demographics to get a better idea about the performance of your emails.

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