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Launch Your Online Store With Builderfly- An All-Inclusive Ecommerce Platform

Considering the change in the industry dynamics, ecommerce is the best way to adapt to the new normal & take your business to the next level. Builderfly, with its determination to take offline businesses online, is conducting its next webinar on 11th July 2020, at 5 PM (IST). In this session, the technical experts will show you the procedure to save all your efforts & launch your business by selecting the best business plan.

Every ecommerce enthusiast who plans to launch their online store can leverage this opportunity to gain an understanding of store up-gradation. If you have already started building a store with Builderfly, this is a fantastic opportunity to get your queries answered in the live question-answer session that will be conducted post-webinar.

Key takeaways:

  • Selection of the Builderfly plan
  • Upgrading your store

Once you upgrade your store with Builderfly’s suitable business plan, you will get full access to your store, and you can make it live anytime you want.

About Builderfly

Builderfly is an all-inclusive ecommerce platform that will help you take your business online or create one from scratch. We will arm you with a DIY online store builder and mobile app builder; you can design your store & create your native mobile app on your own. Add the personal touch of your brand by customizing it to every possible extent.

In addition to the web presence, you can launch your m-commerce app on Google Play store and App-store to grab your mobile users. You will be guarded with AI-powered mobile apps that will amplify your sales.

Builderfly has a variety of business plans for all sizes of businesses. The Builderfly Startup plan and standard plan are genuinely the blessings for startups.

To connect with us directly

Drop us a mail at press@builderfly.com

You can make Telephonic Inquiry at Toll Free: 1877-327-6143 (USA) | 1800-123-2403 (IN)

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Skyrocket Your Ecommerce Business with Builderfly- A Compact Ecommerce Package

We have an amazing news to share with you. Builderfly is organizing its next webinar session on 27th June 2020, at 5 PM (IST). The theme of the webinar is “Make Your Store Attractive With Builderfly’s Design Section!” It will be a tutorial session, where experts will be guiding you through the utility of all the features of the design section.


Taking the benefit of this opportunity, you can take your local business to the global audience and uncover the chances of growth. Our intuitive store builder has plenty of options to customize the layout of your online store in your way. Thus, you can add a personal touch with the professional look to add value to your brand.



Key takeaways:


  • Selection of a suitable theme.
  • Understand the utility of all the provided features to customize the content.
  • How to add sections and sub-sections at your home page
  • Addition to templates to change the look of internal web pages


At the end of the session, we will be addressing the concerns of all the attendees in the live Q&A round. If you haven’t registered by now, follow the link and reserve your seats.


Register Free Now


About Builderfly


Builderfly is an all-inclusive DIY ecommerce platform that arms with ecommerce store builder, native mobile app builder, and numerous features that can streamline your ecommerce business.


Your native mobile app designed with Builderfly will be powered with AI, which will further refine your customer experience.


Reach us:

Drop us a mail at press@builderfly.com

For Telephonic Inquiry- Toll Free: 1877-327-6143 (USA) | 1800-123-2403 (IN)


We are more approachable on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BuilderflyEcommercePlatform/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/builderfly

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Builderfly

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/builderflyecommerceplatform/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/builderfly/

What are the benefits of selling products at Flipkart online marketplace?

Over the last few years, many retailers have enrolled themselves in online marketplaces like Flipkart. On one hand, the digital space gives these sellers a chance to reach out to thousands of customers across the country, and on the other, the marketplaces are offering service models that are extraordinarily designed to help small sellers make more out of less.

Additionally, shoppers from different cities who like your products won’t have to wait to visit you in person to shop. They can essentially go online, purchase products from you and enjoy home delivery as well. So, when you sell online, not only does it help customers, it boosts your profits too.


Take a look at below 4 great reasons why you should sell on Flipkart:


Logistics Support

Giving a winning growth factor for small sellers, this platform offers fulfillment service models that encourage them to overcome the nightmare of not having the option to satisfy their customers’ orders in time. Denying a decent experience to the customers at an initial stage will create a terrible impression around the seller’s brand, which naturally hampers growth.


Small sellers can build trust by adopting “Flipkart Advantage” service which includes a 30-day return policy alongside a 24-hour delivery option.


Pocket-Friendly Fee Structure for Beginners

Flipkart can definitely help small sellers earn sales orders, but, not many survive as the majority of the marketplace charge quite an amount of fees for listing, commission, subscription, and closing.


Flipkart offers a performance-based pricing structure empowering more and more small sellers to be a part of one of the fastest-growing ecommerce sectors in India.


Subscription fee: There are no subscription charges for sellers, all you need is to register, list your items and start selling.


Listing fee: Listing of products is completely free, however, there is a commission charged on every item sold.


Commission: The commission can go as low as 4% to 25% based on the product that is sold.


Closing Fee: There is no closing fee for products valued below Rs. 250. There is Rs. 5 charge for products ranging from Rs. 250-500, while Rs. 10 for products more than Rs. 500. For all other categories, the marketplace charges a fixed expense of Rs. 10 for every item sold.


The above-mentioned figures are the updated till today, however, for any future updates on Flipkart pricing, please refer below:

Flipkart Seller Hub


Returns and Seller protection

Small sellers at the beginning may not be bothered about the safety against fraudulent customers and returns. What they don’t understand is, when their business grows such situations lead to real nightmares, eating a lot of capital.

With Seller Protection Fund (SPF) program, Flipkart protects its small sellers where sellers will have advantages like:


  1. Orders lost in transit by Flipkart’s dispatch partners – Sellers under the SPF claim consequently.
  2. Returns, Product damage in transit – Sellers can claim advantages when they are not at fault.


Claims can be legitimately requested through Flipkart Seller Dashboard.


Access to market trends

When you build your online business on Flipkart, you can likewise benefit from market trends. Flipkart collects information on different aspects and encourages you to understand what products have high demand, what is trending in the market, what items sell better, and so on. You can utilize this data to improve your stock and thus increase your revenue.


With these 4 reasons in mind, take your business to the next level by settling the decision to sell online on ecommerce platforms like Flipkart. You can register in just a few minutes and make use of the simple seller platform to manage your business and grow it as well.

Builderfly ecommerce platform

Builderfly – First E-commerce Platform with Native Mobile App & Power of Artificial Intelligence

Shape dreams and let brand reflect ideas. Builderfly empowers independent businesses by focussing on innovation along with dynamic performance. Dream it, Make it, and Sell it

The global Information Technology service provider Zaptech Solutions, has proudly launched the first AI-powered Do-It-Yourself E-Commerce platform – Builderfly on 1st August 2019.

The innovative idea of developing an all-in-one E-commerce platform sprouts from Mr. Hemant Kumar – the Founder and Ceo of Builderfly with the mission to aid businesses to dream it, make it, and sell it.

Builderfly ecommerce platform

Builderfly is the only platform that comes with AI-driven native E-commerce App Builder along with Do-It-Yourself Design Editor for creating beautiful website. Moreover, the app builder is completely Free along with the Builderfly online store.

With such a unique offer, Builderfly has made sure to stand out from the crowd and ahead of the other E-commerce platforms. Unlike Builderfly, majority of the E-commerce platforms rely on third-party integration that may or may not bring the required results. Skimming through few facts and the current scenario, Builderfly took birth at the right time for all the right reasons.

As per the reports from Statista on 12th March 2019, an estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide purchase goods online. During the same year, global e-retail sales amounted to 2.8 trillion U.S. dollars and projections show a growth of up to 4.8 trillion U.S. dollars by 2021.

Considering the enormous growth of the online retail industry and the expanded penetration of digital marketing, people are readily open towards the concept of online shopping. However, selling products online is not an easy task which can demand more time as well as resources. Such issues are learned to be some major hurdles in establishing an online presence.

Builderfly has bought an invariable solution to it with its Do-It-Yourself e-commerce store builder that helps customers sail across technical barriers with the utmost ease. Building an online business with Builderfly is a lucrative proposal as it promises to take over all the pains that small and medium-sized retailers experience while creating an online store, handling everyday sales, shipment, and transaction. Adding a cherry on the cake, Builderfly is the first E-commerce platform that offers a completely customisable Free native mobile application. A great deal for subscription, right?

In recent years, mobile shopping has been on the rise, with customers increasingly using their mobile devices for various online shopping activities, smartphones become the number one device in terms of retail website visits. According to studies, online shoppers spent an average of 3.16 U.S. dollars per visits to luxury apparel properties.

The research done by Statista on 5th July 2019 showed that the global mobile retail revenue amounted to 1.36 billion U.S. dollars and it is expected to reach 3.56 billion U.S. dollars by 2021.

The number of hours spent on mobile internet usage is overpowering desktop internet usage, every year. Customers look for mobile apps for online shopping. Understanding the costs of setting up a business and the market value, Builderfly opted to offer a fully functional native mobile app for Free The company is already excited to see the shift Builderfly brings in the E-commerce industry.

Builderfly Stand Strong with Startups

A staggering 100 million businesses are launched annually, according to figures from GEM Global Report. It comes to over three businesses every second, or 11,000 per hour. Understanding this, Builderfly aims to be the backbone for start-up businesses.

Start your Dream Business for Free

Builderfly startup Free plan is exclusively designed for aspiring entrepreneurs. Say hello to the world and, create your brand identity, and shape the future of business with Builderfly. The company offer every possible support a new startup needs for the business.

Builderfly does not believe in taking cut from hard earn profit, So No Transaction Fee.

Introducing a product is always incomplete without specifying its features. Builderfly comprises of attractive in-built features such as:

Built In Design Editor To Design Your Store:

Change website’s design using the World’s most power–packed design editing tool. Clients can enjoy hundreds of customizable options under their control bundled in one intuitive tool – The Design Editor. Clients get a collection of mega menus, footer menus, banner designs, and icon sets along with the customizing option.

Build In Native Mobile App Builder To Go Mobile:

Builderfly leverages the power of AI to deliver a fully personalized Mobile App. It would be a magical experience Integration of AI in mobile applications enhances the user’s personalized experience by analyzing data as well as identifying the key patterns of user behaviour.

Sell Everywhere with Builderfly:

Grow sales and simplify business by listing products on major Selling platforms such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, and Flipkart; right from the Builderfly dashboard along with online store and mobile app.

Contrary to the saying, Builderfly is easy done than said. It offers a 14-day free trial for potential customers to explore the features of Builderfly. The most popular plan offered by Builderfly is the lifetime-free Startup Plan.

Pricing Plans

Builderfly offers its E-commerce software in four plans. viz:

Startup – Free
Standard – $35 per month
Advance – $75 per month
Pro – $195 per month

About Builderfly

Builderfly– All-in-one E-commerce Platform that enable the user to build a fully customizable online store and AI-driven Native Mobile App with Do-It-Yourself Design editor tool that does not require any technical skill. Being a Builderfly customer, one gets the power to design the store and design their mobile app – their way, and focus on selling the products to the maximum customers with inbuilt tools. Company believe, business must be accessible to every human.

Visit http://www.Builderfly.com, explore the ocean of features and give wings to your business. At all stages of business, Builderfly can be the right companion.

Reach US
Press Inquiry. press(at)Builderfly.com
Telephone Inquiry. Toll Free: 1877-327-6143 (USA) | 1800-123-2403 (IN)

Originally Posted at PRWeb: https://www.prweb.com/releases/Builderfly_first_e_commerce_platform_with_native_mobile_app_power_of_artificial_intelligence/prweb16481185.htm