What are the benefits of selling products at Flipkart online marketplace?

Over the last few years, many retailers have enrolled themselves in online marketplaces like Flipkart. On one hand, the digital space gives these sellers a chance to reach out to thousands of customers across the country, and on the other, the marketplaces are offering service models that are extraordinarily designed to help small sellers make more out of less.

Additionally, shoppers from different cities who like your products won’t have to wait to visit you in person to shop. They can essentially go online, purchase products from you and enjoy home delivery as well. So, when you sell online, not only does it help customers, it boosts your profits too.


Take a look at below 4 great reasons why you should sell on Flipkart:


Logistics Support

Giving a winning growth factor for small sellers, this platform offers fulfillment service models that encourage them to overcome the nightmare of not having the option to satisfy their customers’ orders in time. Denying a decent experience to the customers at an initial stage will create a terrible impression around the seller’s brand, which naturally hampers growth.


Small sellers can build trust by adopting “Flipkart Advantage” service which includes a 30-day return policy alongside a 24-hour delivery option.


Pocket-Friendly Fee Structure for Beginners

Flipkart can definitely help small sellers earn sales orders, but, not many survive as the majority of the marketplace charge quite an amount of fees for listing, commission, subscription, and closing.


Flipkart offers a performance-based pricing structure empowering more and more small sellers to be a part of one of the fastest-growing ecommerce sectors in India.


Subscription fee: There are no subscription charges for sellers, all you need is to register, list your items and start selling.


Listing fee: Listing of products is completely free, however, there is a commission charged on every item sold.


Commission: The commission can go as low as 4% to 25% based on the product that is sold.


Closing Fee: There is no closing fee for products valued below Rs. 250. There is Rs. 5 charge for products ranging from Rs. 250-500, while Rs. 10 for products more than Rs. 500. For all other categories, the marketplace charges a fixed expense of Rs. 10 for every item sold.


The above-mentioned figures are the updated till today, however, for any future updates on Flipkart pricing, please refer below:

Flipkart Seller Hub


Returns and Seller protection

Small sellers at the beginning may not be bothered about the safety against fraudulent customers and returns. What they don’t understand is, when their business grows such situations lead to real nightmares, eating a lot of capital.

With Seller Protection Fund (SPF) program, Flipkart protects its small sellers where sellers will have advantages like:


  1. Orders lost in transit by Flipkart’s dispatch partners – Sellers under the SPF claim consequently.
  2. Returns, Product damage in transit – Sellers can claim advantages when they are not at fault.


Claims can be legitimately requested through Flipkart Seller Dashboard.


Access to market trends

When you build your online business on Flipkart, you can likewise benefit from market trends. Flipkart collects information on different aspects and encourages you to understand what products have high demand, what is trending in the market, what items sell better, and so on. You can utilize this data to improve your stock and thus increase your revenue.


With these 4 reasons in mind, take your business to the next level by settling the decision to sell online on ecommerce platforms like Flipkart. You can register in just a few minutes and make use of the simple seller platform to manage your business and grow it as well.